Boston Globe scribe nabbed on OUI charge

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    A marquee columnist for The Boston Globe pleaded not guilty yesterday in Dorchester District Court to operating under the influence after a transit cop allegedly caught him driving erratically in a vehicle registered to the newspaper.
    Veteran City & Region scribe Adrian Walker, 46, was arrested Sunday at 3 a.m. after failing a field sobriety test, according to a police report.
    Walker declined to comment. But his lawyer, Michael Doolan, released a statement saying: “My client pleaded not guilty today in court. We look forward to trying this case in front of a jury of his peers, and we hope and expect he will be acquitted.”
    Walker’s vehicle, a gray Dodge Stratus, was registered to the Globe, according to a law enforcement source and the newspaper.
    MBTA Transit police Sgt. Richard Campos said Walker appeared to be speeding down Tremont Street and then stopped for more than 30 seconds at a flashing yellow light, the police report states.
    Campos then followed the car onto Interstate 93, clocking it at 77 mph in a 55 mph zone, the report states. “At one point, the vehicle straddled a lane marker for 1/4 of mile,” the report reads.
    Campos stopped Walker at 135 Morrissey Blvd., just outside the Globe’s headquarters. He wrote in his report that Walker had “bloodshot eyes, spoke with a thick tongue and he appeared drowsy.”
    Walker told police he had two glasses of wine at Silvertone, a Bromfield Street bar.
    “As Walker was walking to the booking area, he stumbled and fell to the ground,” the report states.
    Walker declined to take a Breathalyzer, police said. Prior to his failed field test, Walker was unsteady getting out of his car and began to walk into oncoming traffic, police said.
    Bob M. Powers, spokesman for the Globe, said the company was aware of the arrest and that “at this point it is a matter between Adrian and the authorities.”
    Walker’s next scheduled court date is March 24, according to court records.
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    Ha ha ha....there is a God.
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    Awwww.....what a shame. :alcoholi:
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    wait until the Globe does a story about how much overtime pay the officers received for showing up at court for the trial and know it is coming
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    New England in brief

    Columnist Walker arraigned in OUI

    March 4, 2008

    Globe columnist Adrian Walker was arraigned yesterday in Dorchester District Court on a charge of operating under the influence. Walker, who entered a plea of not guilty, was arrested early Sunday morning by Transit Police in Dorchester while driving a company vehicle, which was impounded. Walker said he had taken the car to an interview Saturday afternoon, but had not returned it to the Globe. The paper's policy allows its vehicles to be used for work purposes only. According to the police report, an officer followed the vehicle speeding on the Southeast Expressway before stopping the car on Morrissey Boulevard. The report alleges that Walker failed field sobriety tests and says he declined a breathalyzer test. Walker told police he had been at Silverstone Bar & Grill in Downtown Crossing. The case was continued until later this month.
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    A rather neutered documentary....
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    My formula is;

    Amount driver says he drank X 2 + whatever passenger says he had + 4 = Rough amount of beers/drinks consumed.

    If no passenger or passenger doesn't say, add 3 instead. :cool:
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    LOL Delta! I had a guy one time who said he only had "one". I was surprised that when I asked him how big that "one" was, he replied, "Uh, well, one pitcher."

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