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Discussion in 'Getting on the job?' started by PVD24, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    You'll get sick of the TSA position quickly. You want to go somewhere that offers you different options ie; patrol, vice, investigations, etc. If your looking into law enforcement, then go after a LE job. Don't settle for something close because you won't be satisfied. Alot of federal jobs look good in the movies, but aren't all they are cracked up to be. If you want to be a cop, then be a cop!!
    Good luck!!
  2. Cadet101

    Cadet101 MassCops Member

    If I where you I would start applying for some Federal positions, Get in contact with DEA, ATF, etc... you meet the qualifications easy. Well, actually some require at least some experience but with having that extra masters degree in criminology, that may waive some of the experience. Anyways, just my opinion, but, with your education, TSA, is not for you. My buddy works there and hates it, you stand in one spot all day screening luggage and bags. But he don't have the education that you do, yet, he's doing it while going to school, for him its just a job. You worked your ass off for your education and paid thousands to attend school, don't waste it on being a bag checker for some airport for cheap pay. Im 21 and on my way to getting my bachelors in C.J. as well, possible thinking law school after or masters. I currently work for a campus police department now. Im gonna be in your shoes pretty soon with tough decisions to make as well. Im so thinking Florida myself when I finish getting at least my bachelors, then find a police position, and go back to school to further my education once I have my career at least established.
    Just my thoughts on your question. *GOOD LUCK* & *STAY SAFE*
    -Michael :wink:
  3. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    PVD24, You want to go for the F.B.I. nothing else. If you want to get your feet wet and join another police agency thats great. TSA would be a great federal security clearance to obtain and then move on to the F.B.I.,especially with your education + being a feamle they will snatch you right up. I am not saying they would hire you just because you are a female but the ratio in trying to hire females is in demand take advantage. If there is one piece of advise do not wait for any Massachusetts Police agancy
    GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    FBI, are U kidding me? With all the black eyes they have been getting lately? Don't you read the Herald? They say that's all long past them now. Ya right. Remember when Johnny Boy AKA "Zip" was their rising star around these parts? They even floated his name at becoming BPD Commissioner one day.

    Remember, after the local prosecutors are done dismissing your case, whatever it may be, these guys pick up the ball for a second bite at the apple. I hope you can say Leavenworth Kansas 3 times fast because by the time they are through with you, you'll be there......... busting rocks.

    They catch you in a lie or you lie to them & they find out, you are facing a federal felony. They seem to be the IAD of choice nowadays. I'd stay far away from them as possible. We all know what the acronym FBI stands for, don't we?

    It ain't all Scully & Moulder stuff you know. Don't believe the hype.
  5. PVD24

    PVD24 MassCops Member

    so I'm getting mixed reviews over
    Some say.. go for the TSA.. and a few say don't even bother... I know I have to make the decision on my own but I am trying to guage from everyone's experience... I started looking into the Florida Police Departments and Sherriff's Departments...

    My parents live near Tampa... and so that is where I will start looking.. I know Tampa is hiring.. I figure.. if I stay on the job in Tampa for 4-5 years.. then try to get back up to MA... I should have a better chance.. what do you guys think..?

    In Tampa... they don't even have a wage differential for a Masters... they were like.. "what's that" the officers with a Bachelor are @ the top in Tampa... and get close to a 100 dollar difference in pay... so Im psyched about that...

    so if I stay in Tampa for 4 years... what are my chances of getting on a force in MA by then... is it even worth it?
  6. Southside

    Southside Subscribing Member


    Asking if it would be a good move is a difficult question to ask. I know that a guy joined Baltimore and then went to Watertown and got on. Remember this though, once you leave, you lose residency, with civil service that is a huge boost. If your desire is to become a Mass Cop, I would apply to non civil service departments who do not require you to live in their towns. Purchase a home or apartment in a civil service town that would make a difference with residency. This way you will get experience as a PO and you would have residency preference. Once the next exam takes place, you will be that much stronger. To be 100% honest, it is not easy to get a job up here. One thing to know though is that you will begin to see quite a few retirements from the post-vietnam era. I spoke to a Sarge in Quincy that told me they are going to be looking to hire as many as 50 new cops within the next 4 years. If I were you I'd go on different department webpages and send some of these Cheifs emails with a simple question regarding their hiring outlook. I did this last year and gained quite a bit of info.

  7. Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo Subscribing Member

    shawn, i did not read that book that you asked me about, as for the kids, thats why we moved back home to mass.....didnt want to raise my family in lala land !
  8. LeadDog17

    LeadDog17 MassCops Member

    Re: Thanks for all the advice.... one more ? though....

    PLEASE, continue asking questions. You seem to have started your own little career FAQ page on the board. These are some great questions that I'm sure lots of people have but are afraid to ask. SOOOO, ASK AWAY!

    I'll post my opinion on some of this when I have some free time, but lots of good advice is coming out on this

  9. PVD24

    PVD24 MassCops Member

    Thanks for all the replies... this is a great forum... I know its my career and I seem to have my own section... (can't get better than that)
    I am in a tough situation... don't know where to start... or to continue... Im in a Basic Reserve Police Officer Academy right now.. and I am going to complete that... and then figure out my next move... probable auxiliary.. then hopefully reserve.. then full time.. (Im dreaming aren't I)..
    I can teach Criminal Justice in College.. but I can't work in the field.. due to budgets... how pathetic is that...

    So I just want to thank you guys / gals for the advice.. and I just spoke to some Sargent in Tampa... who wanted all my info.. and papers for the police officer position ASAP... so we shall see... I still will keep my house in Mass.. but will live in Tampa.. if that is the route I choose... so will I be able to keep residency.. if I do that... and do females receive any extra bonus' to get hired because of our ovaries...? (lol) In Tampa.. it seems if it does... so just am curious as to hiring women in Mass...
    Have a great night... stay safe..
  10. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    If you own your house here in Massachusetts just remember to file you taxes here, that should keep your residency status
  11. ROBOCOP1982

    ROBOCOP1982 Subscribing Member

    Slim. Another problem with Massachusetts Civil Circus--you have to live here. Without residency status, you have a snow balls chance in hel$ of getting hired. You can always try for the non-civil service departments. Also, the situation is not as dire as people on this board make it out to be. Officers ARE getting hired, it is not hopeless.
  12. fscpd907

    fscpd907 Subscribing Member


    Many college police departments will hire with the reserve academy and college degree. The college will then send you off to either the next SSPO or F/T MCJTC Academy. Most college PD's will send you out for other training after the academy (RAD / COBWEB) and it looks great on the resume. Take a look at both the "Best and Worst College PD's" on this site and you will see which ones offer: Police Work / Training / Good Pay. Maybe another way to go until a F/T job comes up and you will get paid for your efforts unlike AUX Police.
  13. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    Once you move to Florida and you see all the different opportunites you have in law enforcement you won't want to move back to Mass.

    PS its 85 degrees right now!!
  14. dekk

    dekk MassCops Member

    Not that my advice is worth shit but I think you should figure out what you want to do in law enforcement. I mean, DEA, FBI are law enforcement but in my opinion they arent cops, theyre investigators (and do some real heavy investigations.) Cops work the streets, know the streets, know how to deal with people and situations on the streets. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do investigative work on the Federal level, and while I have no real problems with Feds they couldnt walk a foot patrol in the ghetto at 2AM, or do a car stop by themselves alone on a country road with no back up, or know the alleys or rooftops or dirtroads in a neighborhood the way a cop does. Feds know whats going on a certain street because street cops tell them. And while they have the glamour, and the power of the Federal Prosecutor...on the street theyre sloppy.
    In case you havent guessed, Im pushing you to be a uniformed cop somewhere, on patrol in a car or on a foot post anywhere you can. That is if you really want to be a cop. If your goal is just to carry a gun and a badge then I dont know what to tell you....except DO NOT take a job as a baggage screener. Hey, you asked for advice right?
  15. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    Like fscpd907 said, Check for some colleges. Although there's not a ton of money to be made at this level, most College PD's do offer some GREAT training opportunities and can make your resume look pretty sharp. Training & experience are keys to your future in LE. :lol:
  16. Southside

    Southside Subscribing Member


    I agree with you to a point. I myself want to become a cop. I can understand part of your point, your right in regards that some feds can't do the ghetto thing a 2am but, you cannot tell me the the men and women working for the DEA undercover in Mexico, Columbia, etc. don't have the balls of a street cop.


    This is how I feel and take it for what it is, my opinion. In the criminal justice system there will always be conflict among different agencies whether they are state, local, federal, etc. You however have the education to pursue most of the careers in this field. You are 24 years old, if your heart is with becoming a cop, then go after it. If your heart is federal, state, etc. go after it. Because when your out there doing the job, how you feel about your job is one of the most important aspects. Your education and qualifications don't help anyone if your attitude of the job sucks. Just understand that in police work you have brothers and sisters that need you to be dedicated to what you do. There may come a time when they need your assistance to a life threating situation, if you love the job, you will be there without any hesitation, to me that is more valuable than the degrees. Don't get me wrong, the degrees will open the door but, once inside you make the decisions and choices that build your reputation. Good luck and I wish you the best with any choice you make.
  17. tomahawk

    tomahawk Subscribing Member

    Shawn, I think dekk was trying to say that the FBI/DEA guys don't have the *experience* of being on the street. Whether or not they can hold their own is a different story.

    PVD, if you really want to be a cop, go for it. The TSA job is probably not going to be terribly beneficial, but it's a paycheck. Try looking for a dispatch job somewhere, at least then you can deal with the daily routine and work with other officers directly.

    -Mike :2c:
  18. drewpopo

    drewpopo MassCops Member

    Geting on

    I must be off a little bit, there is some good info here, but if you want to be a police officer there is no point in joining a fedral agency. The pay with the feds is good but face it your not a cop, its a total diffrent ball game, and total diffrent rules. I was going to head out of state to be a p.o. but I stuck with it in MA. I have several friends that left the state that I used to work with when I was part time, and they all hate there jobs. Being away from family and friends will only make you a un happy cop.Young lady get yourself into a full time academy!!!! With your education, and being a female yopu have a great chance in becoming a cop in MA. Other states do not have police dept's with as much education as MA. good luck to you.
  19. PVD24

    PVD24 MassCops Member

    Ok... here is another twist and turn for everyone... I am still looking for a LE position... and have interviewed for a Campus Police Officer's position... how does everyone feel about getting their foot in the door with a Campus job.. Do regular departments look down on Campus police or are they well respected with the rest... I think the interview went well.. actually enjoyed myself and the people were great... and am hoping for a positive response from them... but don't want this to hinder my future in LE.... just a few thoughts... Thanks for all the feedback on this list...
  20. LeadDog17

    LeadDog17 MassCops Member

    I think it depends on the campus and on the attitudes toward campus police held by the other agencies to which you apply.

    I think YOU"RE attitude toward the job, your character, willingness to learn, grow, and succeed count for more than where you were working. These are the factors that will determine your whether or not you are a high quality candidate.

    My initial thought is that you should go for the campus job. Particularly if it is a great campus (a few of them are better than most municipalities, in my opinion), or if you want to remain in Massachusetts. You seem to be intelligent, motivated, goal oriented. If that's the case, those attributes will show themselves if the opportunity for a different job presents itself.

  21. DudleyLt.

    DudleyLt. Guest

    Full Time Opportunities

    You might be well served to find a department that will sponsor you through the full-time academy. That will open up lots of doors for you. Several Academies will be starting in the spring with Boylston currenlty on Float Status with a tentative start date of mid-February. You got the full time Academy and you'll have a much better chance of getting on full time with a non civil service town. Good Luck!
  22. Dr.Magoo

    Dr.Magoo Subscribing Member

    If you have the chance to get on a quality Campus Department that is willing to send you to the academy, then do it. Along with the academy, you often get excellent street experience. I started with a campus department and was sent to the academy. I received numerous specialized training courses. I now work for a municipal department. Always keep your options open, and NEVER turn down any additional training.
  23. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    Just wondering how your making out. Has anything opened up for you yet?? Hopefully the new year will bring new opportunities for you !! Maybe the Dudley LT can give you a job :lol:
  24. Tackleberry22

    Tackleberry22 MassCops Member

    I say go for it. You have nothing to lose. I agree with LeadDog and the others; it's good experience and it is something for you to do while this state and the municipalities in the state rectify this fine mess that they have gotten into. It'll be awhile before departments being to hire again in large numbers.
    Its a job; and in this state LE jobs are short and few, so one can't be too picky with what he or she wants. If it is offered to you, work there and gain the experience, training (if you don't have it), and knowledge while waiting for your main goal to open up.
    If it is something that you would like to do, go for it; don't let anyone drag you down to change your mind. Some people are blessed with luck and get the jobs that they want, so its easy for them to talk negative about the jobs of others. The little extra that you go through helps out in the long run; even though at the current time it seems to be a pain in the butt journey.
  25. msp2845

    msp2845 MassCops Member

    Take anything you can get for the experience. Unfortunately, agencies in the Commonwealth don't hire all that often and positions are extremely competitive. Then, if you can make a lateral move later or test for another agency, your background will come into play in later interviews.
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